I am a collage piece myself
— juxtaposing a lifestyle of a granny …
curiosity of a kid …
immeasurable emotion of a silly girl …
ambition of a director …
procrastination of a student …
a floating-tardy-pace of an astronaut …
but very genuine to poetry … 

I have a lot of sleepless nights…
and then I came to realise… if in visualwise —-
once my thoughts start to sprout,
it flourishes staggeringly in late night.
In a way I think I’ll probably get trapped in my own blooming garden.

So, that’s me. … in great need of a gardener haha!!

I like the Bridge Cafe in Hoxton.
I like the Kubrick’s Cafe-cinema in Yau Ma Tei.
I like second-hand.
I like to research and research…
I like making friends but I am not good at it sadly.
I’d like my own-store-to-be a friend hub for silly chat and stupid wine.  

………. 鄭晴 ……….
……… 2012 ………..


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