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An experience of culture from Germany, Finland …and of course Denmark.
It is a Copenhagen trip.

Very funny when team German insisted on getting German bread for breakfast and said,” no Swedish sweet bread please…” . Team Finland likes mild cheese for breakfast. Team German has been so thoughtful that brought along a lot of typical German Christmas food to share but they added, ”a bit too sweet for breakfast.” Team Finland were playful and has come up with this ‘dancing at the bus stops’ ( everytime we have to wait so long for a bus and it was snowing!!)  We played music, moved, excisised, burnt calories, 15 minutes passed and then the bus came…!!!


It is a very enjoyable thing to see a display of other independent creative workers. I feel liberal !!!   It can be about sharing ideas, getting  inspiration form one another. I found it is something about a communal collective process but also an individual one — after all, everyone have different insight.

My friends and I have visited the Round Tower in Copenhagen for a basket exhibition!!


Baskets 4 Life is an exhibition about highlighting the need for baskets as opposed to plastic bags. Basket is a woven object. What is woven??? It can’t be strictly defined really… But I think weave is the way a person organize materials. …any ways of organizing… any kinds of materials…


Basket 4 Life is a group of Danish basket makers. They develop Shopping Baskets with a strong focus on the use of recycled materials.

The project has started production, which leads to employment and income for women in Burkina Faso, one of the poorest countries in the world. The focus is on recycling.

Read more about the Danish group :


My Copenhagen is about furniture, window displays of furniture, Finn Juhl, Christianshavn, boat house and the street outside the Design Museum which housed some nice furniture stores and  coffee shops… 😀

I think late night shopping and strolling along the streets in Copenhagen… oh it seems like a very delightful thing really…!!!!

and so I came to realise I haven’t really taken much pictures of my beloved furniture pieces.
So I have to visit this lovely city again probably…. 😀

消息, 可能是無形, 不過有重量.

分離, 又是個什麼距離? 可以是天涯, 又是西斜.

在我的parklife 裡面,
分離, 是秋天的葉子, 緩緩的落紅, 花落墜地, 又是春天的泥土.

我親愛的, 如果可以, 我想靠近你viscose般的頭髮,  又欣賞你入睡的臉頰, 是溫柔, 可人.
然後, 你不再吟哦, 因為我挽著你的手臂睡.

這裡房間, 不時skype, 說著Lufthansa, 還有轉機時數. 他們又話, 要知匯的人物, 其實又是大壽的名單.
生活中相聚, 竟然如此有趣, 生日又喪禮, 是如此相似, 始又終, 是個什麼距離?

我在陽台上, 寫著, 想著, 念著.

要聽我最喜愛的音樂, 好嗎?  是一個和藹的曲子, 我溫柔的番聽, 原來有始有末, 又無分始末, infinity, 是個什麼距離呢?

here is the link. –  my delivery to you my love –

I do not understand but I think it is beautiful.

今日天空很晴朗, 我知道有種距離, 是秋紅色的, 是堅強又輕柔的橙紅, 又是滿有希望的.
我親愛的, 聽那觸動了我的文字, 好嗎?  是一首最溫柔的葬歌.

[ 也許 ]






Design is ideas being understood.

By far in Sweden, I have had a lot of evoke moments. It made me think.

…living in an environment which food wastage recycling is daily practice. Even in ordinary household or just a studyroom  in a college. Quiet late afternoon and class at 8:30 reminding rest for a well function body. Spacious and pleasant working places suggesting a priority in comfort to maximized earnings. Strong awareness to bird species, prolific of  homewear firms…just a bit of random things I can come up with…

Everything goes back to the very primary question — ‘ What is design?’

In Chelsea, my school, it seemed all of us in the course are of  arty people. We worked next door to sculpture students, fine art students. I can do beautiful things. I can think conceptually. I was taught to be innovative in a way against the convention. After all, British design are revolutionary. A textile for fashion mind of thinking — people can instantly be associated are Westwood, Katharine Hamnett, McQueen , Mary Quant… I somehow wonder if rebellious and revolutionary quality in British design has anything to do those restless days they have been through. Perhaps from the industrial revolution time to their days in wars? the rise of middle class working class? the authentic subculture which underlying resistance in youth? Established of YBA? Charles Saatchi? and how could I not have mentioned yet — their culture of labour strike… such as the British Airline strike and Tube strike which has more to do with my student life…

It seemed to me what they are enjoying from established industrial success to individual welfare, from liberty to cultural diversity — these are a result of constant fighting through generations.

In Chelsea London, the learning environment is very much about being daring enough, being experimental. No wonder people can easily associate artists with mental problem.

London as I always find it far too busy than I can cope with, I am not sure if it is this necessary for a city being international influencial enough. Gosh… I have moved on too far I have come up with Imagine by John Lennon.

Sweden (because Gothenburg where I am staying or Boras where I am studying at are not quite an adjective of their own comparing to London) Anyway, Sweden I somehow come up with a word… ‘effortless’. It is a peaceful and comfortable place to be. People generally are not dressing up a statement as harsh as London fashionista. But with kind concern on enhancing lifestyle. I am very impressed by it’s spatial design in public and urban design.

My exchange course in Boras is having a project with a company called CGM. I am very glad I have the chance to visit their office building. CGM is a medium scale firm of 25 employees, specialising across interior, industrial, spatial and textile design. They do a lot of design project on sound absorbents so as to reduce the noise pollution. They demonstrated to us a control room design . They are appointed to refine a control room with a lot of advanced technology sound absorbent design. Ooperators can be kept awaken and feel pleasant to concentrate on work. Then, it is possible to attract a younger generation to this career.

Right on my mind I am very impressed. But I have to say this country is real luxurious — not in direct money sense but on what the time, resources, focus they place.

I can’t help thinking the working and living situation back in my hometown Hong Kong. A lot of time the offices or apartment flats are right by the streets with heavy traffic. I am very sure  ten times more intense  than in Sweden. The whole Sweden is of similar population to Hong Kong which is just a dot on world map.  But I don’t find there has been any great demand on sound absorbent design to improve the living environment.

How can people not be under immense pressure to survive but to enjoy their environment?

I think design is about a comfort feeling.

It is not merely on choosing the classy lambwool or opting for an eco friendly dye.

It is about comfort feeling  in the way we live.

It is about preserving… To treat our earth better for a pleasant environment to live.

It is about refining… To re-design. To improve. Rather than making more unnecessary new objects for the sake of consumerism.

It is about communication of ideas. Delivering my belief to those have not awared yet.

It is about enjoying life… To ease urban stress … so when people have ‘fika’, they are not taking caffeine as drug but a delightful break.

If there’s an angel from within… it’d say… (in a rhythmical voice) it is about love and give thanks.

[in a theory- sense… that’s it. thank you.]

My favourite textile designer…Ceca Georgieva.