Flex final

My second year in Chelsea College is coming to an end. The more I have seen the more I want to work out in my project. And very often when I want to come up with more things I tend to mess things up and get stressed to organise .

This is a new thing for me to work on — in most of the aspects possibly….
*Do less*
I know it sounds stupid but if I can learn to focus on the essential bits. Really plan well, do well-rounded research. Do not be anxious. Do refine every of the process. Concise. Spend time on the finishing.
It annoyed myself a lot when I can always start with loads of ambitious ideas but can’t manged to have an as impressive end to it.  Have to really work on this .. from Today Now!!! Chingching needs a change in style — be light.

I am really in a lazy mood today so can’t really write a proper paragraph to talk about my last project flex.  These are some key words relating :
sustainability. continuous. endless. fire frame. candle. stone. weaving knit. felt. collar. semi garment shaping. materials: felting wool, mixed cashmere. velvet. cotton. …

Washing machine is amazing! like magic!!! should try!!!

(gosh…seems like again very poor in finishing…. )


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