Let me grap my basket !!!

It is a very enjoyable thing to see a display of other independent creative workers. I feel liberal !!!   It can be about sharing ideas, getting  inspiration form one another. I found it is something about a communal collective process but also an individual one — after all, everyone have different insight.

My friends and I have visited the Round Tower in Copenhagen for a basket exhibition!!


Baskets 4 Life is an exhibition about highlighting the need for baskets as opposed to plastic bags. Basket is a woven object. What is woven??? It can’t be strictly defined really… But I think weave is the way a person organize materials. …any ways of organizing… any kinds of materials…


Basket 4 Life is a group of Danish basket makers. They develop Shopping Baskets with a strong focus on the use of recycled materials.

The project has started production, which leads to employment and income for women in Burkina Faso, one of the poorest countries in the world. The focus is on recycling.

Read more about the Danish group :




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