Wastewise design from Creatables

Waste and landfill. If that’s the case, our environment will go decomposed. If we think of how much waste we have produced out of our daily consumption….

Waste is an object we can no longer shy away from .There are some striking numbers of disposal of ordinary products. For examples, 426000 cell phones are discarded daily in US. 2 million plastic bottles are dumped every 5 minutes in US. (data from Creatables)

Lately I am very impressed by a Swedish product design group called  Creatables . They made good use out of leftovers in order to reduce waste from swedish production industries. They try not to generate any surplus materials on their own but develop product from those of partner companies. Those wastes materials such as surplus polypropylene plastics which is hardly biodegraded .

We are living in a material world. Conventionally, a product we buy ultimately become waste. A life cycle of a product generates waste both before and after consumers. These are named as pre-consumer waste and post-consumer waste.It begins from extracting raw materials such as cutting trees and mining, production, consumption, using it, throwing away, and in the end to the landfill or recycle process.

If we think of waste, that is landfill we can associate with. The concept of reduce is at the core. The commonly heard of reusing and recycling actually come next. In such a material world, we consume out of desire than needs. Consuming can be about social identity. The way we buy shapes our environment.  If we want more the company make more to meet the demand. At its heart it is about reduce. So, buy but also think!

Creatables suggested some leftovers that are commonly found among us.  That is the packaging which contributes to their products. They have come up with daily products such as wallet, clips (for clothes), towel hanger, newspaper recycling holder, kids clothes hanger, toys for kids.

They have also put forward little joints for connection of materials. For example, to joint straws at different ends and further it with mathematical structure. So they have made lamp and lighting designs out of it.

The moustache toy for bottles is also a simple playful product that interested us. They think it is not so productive but fun!

I really like the way they turn invaluable things to something valuable.  Also, very willing to take care of our environment.

images from Creatables.

To go further with their idea, they have put forward the India project. They thought of a place with much waste problem. So they spread their concept to India. To enhance higher efficiency, they have based machines and production in India. The toys and daily products suit them well. These things require easy and fast production. They are simply creative enough to bring much joy to the people.


  1. I came here hunting something else, but this interested me regardless. Interesting stuff!

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