The other day I happened to have a few hours to kill. I have some fear for eating lately. I feel like eating makes a day less productive.  Not eating but snacking perhaps. But my snacks are not snacks really. I take a sandwich or a roll instead. I am addicted to carb….obviously. I do think I have too much meals a day. So, consider spending time in a wise way….not going to another coffee shop… I walked down the Regent Street for the Anthropologie store.

I have always been enchanted by the store. The animated display, the relaxing  interior, the natural light from the glass ceiling… and of course the garment pieces as well. It is a fashion store after all. But I wasn’t looking at the clothes alone that much in Anthropologie. The store is a museum to me. I strolled along in admiration and looking up the display and touch and feel the garment pieces in gentleness.

So, I looked at some more details about the Anthropologie company in the internet. I am so surprise to see an analysis saying the company targeted at ’30 to 40-year old women looking for unique, one-of-a-kind designs.’  A 30-year-old. ?! Alright, I always know I am a granny inside.  I am not even close to their target customers at all. This is true though. An average price for a blouse is 90- 100 pounds. Obviously, owning fine craftsmanship is far too difficult for a student.

Still I have had a compelling shopping experience that makes me feel beautiful and  hopeful.

 Also, its marketing technique is more about selling a lifestyle rather than products.

Anthropologie is owned by the Urban Outfitters Inc. This American chain of clothing retailers also owns the Urban Outfitters ,Free People, Terrain and BHLDN . They are all distinct and each brand chooses a particular customer segment. Richard Hayne is the president and CEO of Urban Outfitters. More importantly he is a 1969 graduate of  Lehigh University with a degree in anthropology !!!!! It’s anthropology!!  Hayne is the #262 richest person in the U.S. according to the 2008 Forbes 400list. So my conclusion after these sort of research on the internet — anthropology can really make a living. haha… (because I do have some friends have no idea of what anthropology as a course is and afterI have talked a bit, they frowned… very abstract… )

See more about Anthropologie at their official site:


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