Another massive walking days — Seoul

I am at the moment grappling with my idle traipse so I can’t really do more but write a bit about my holiday to Seoul… seems to be fitting into my current state of …..traversing thoughts

— of stupid people and stupid emails.

Like a stupid fish roaming into a nameless sea…

It was just 4-5 days in Seoul but hard enough to be squeezed out from different schdules of four of us. It was a nice one (even the film I’ve watched in return flight was a good one— ‘Jeff, Who Lives at Home’). And then Korea Airline is a really desirable airline…. by far I’ve traveled with. !!

Seoul is city full of small pleasant cafes. It is easy for me to map out a connection between these local independent stores and a liberal, vibrant street life. I do think small and medium enterprises are essential to a city. They allow imaginative and authentic ideas. Distinctive cultural development is then evolved from these spirits.



A lot of green living things are there to mingle with the city. Such a delightful one! Despite these melting sunshine, I am happy to stroll around Seoul.

Bye Seoul… missing you a lot!!

See more photos of my Seoul at Scribble Work !!!

Read more about my silly days at San & Gin — a personal blog between my dear friend and myself ;D


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