happy accident Croatia

Keep right? This is only for the stairs — in school campus perhaps. My friend and I have decided to hand off for Croatia… abruptly. With not much agenda, We’ve made quite some mistakes throughout the trip…a lot actually. But that’s ok. I considered some of them the best mistakes I’ve ever made.  Keep wrong — for a beautiful journey please  😀

When we were told by the bus driver to get off, I wondered if that was the stop shown in map!? I looked around.  With very experienced observational skill, I could see a sandy highway, some trees, …and some more trees. In the melting heat of sunshine at 2pm. On my first day of arrival. But the driver insisted,” it’s the nearest stop to your hostel”. Alright for that moment I know, this is the most stupid useless map ever.  And I should have a phone card that works in Croatia so at least I could contact the hostle. And my biggest inner exclamation— I should have a driving license. !!!

But all the hopeless confusion met with just the nicest amazement.

There was a house finally when my friend and I walked along the highway— in a direction we’ve chosen with experienced intuition. It is a local family and they offered to help and drove us to the right address. I couldn’t believe I have got on a stranger car and feeling that much reliable. For a moment, I did hope to get his email to say another thank you. 

Somehow my crap crap CRAP print-out map from google and my useless phone did make my holiday in Croatia beautiful in some way.

But anyway a few more research should be done for next time…. if I feel like to do so.

See more picture on my tumblr— Scribble work
So pristine that’s the colour palette  . Get to Split.

So, I want to say with my sweetest voice …  a thank you to Coco for being a travel friend… an incredible one.  And also my mom and dad for everything. When I looked at the turquoise sea beneath the hillside highway, I just want to say thank you.


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