a beautiful life

Some people are told by themselves for all the satisfaction comes from how much they can notch up to… I have met a beautiful man and he told me his biggest highlight came from within the spirit. He thought of  his wife, Carol, as the highlight of his career. He had big satisfaction when painting at the Swiss Alps. English Artist Peter Evan has much affection for landscape painting— the mountains, the trees… .

A beautiful life is all the delightful moments you’ve been through.  Through constantly painting, Peter turned his affection for those landscape onto canvas. And then they are alive and always will. The subtle tranquility will retain in one’s mind. Peter looks at these landscape: the mountains, the trees, the rocks… all the lovely green things. The way nature has striked a pose in the their own way. No cliche decorative approach but geniune with their one of a kind silhouettes and colours.

A beautiful life is maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Peter loves swimming, travelling. He enjoys his life and these exciting moments seems to be never ending.

Peter Evan is a friendly artist. I am so glad I had the chance to talk to him on his work and himself.

Peter recalled his young age…

Ching: So what has made you enjoy drawing/ painting?
Peter: When I was little. I was ill. My father gave me a lot of  paper and colour. I began to draw. That was in the war-time. I took bombing, war scenes and the Pearl harbour as some sources for painting.  I drew again and again… with imagination. My father has also taught me to draw. At the age of 17, I went to art school to learn. I was amazed though I have just been there for 3 months. I was very sure that was the place to be. I was determined to stay at an art school in Paris after 2 years at teenage serving in army. I also liked to go to library to draw from books. And then after a big exhibition in Paris, I decided to return to London.

Ching: What are you usually thinking when painting?
Peter: Carol. Cat…Bobby …haha..
For technically , I ask myself , ”is it working?” ”is it successful?” ”which has gone wrong?” ”what is it I want to express?”
All the very technical bits. the line. colour. Also the weather, supper … 😀

Ching: What would you do if you are not a painter?
Peter: aAwriter. I enjoyed writing plays. Or a music composer.

Ching: What is the most useful thing you have come across in art college?
Peter: 2/3 teachers from CSM. friends and students. Some certain techniques— how to paint. The library of CSM.

Ching: Do you have any frustrating/ depressed moments? How did you over come it?
Peter: When I can’t paint. When the painting is getting dull and bad— and I could not work out what has gone wrong.
It rains when I want to paint landscape.
Models moved when I am drawing figures.
When I am having an exhibition, if people just walked pass my work, I will be quite disappointed. Or I will compare with those work of others next to mine.

Ching: How do you deal with your stress?
Peter: Definitely not drinking. I drink when I am happy. Probably bed. Sleep. Going out for a walk and then back. You really have to get out of the stress circle. Tea. I usually have 6 cups of tea a day. Fruit juice. Coffee.

Ching: What is the highlight moment in your career?
Peter: Meeting Carol. …haha    A picture was sold in RA. This is a small highlight. Going to the Swiss to paint—hightlight as a painter (highlight within the spirit.). Going to art school to listen to talks about artists and painter.

Ching: What is the next big project/ painting/ plan/ anything you want to do?
Peter: Paint bigger. 5 feet . Oil painting. Landscape of America and England. Painting of children’s movement (my grandchildren ). Also to write. I am finishing a play about cyber terrorism.

Ching: What is the most important thing to be a full time artist?
Peter:  To paint. Have family.

On little favourite things…
Favourite places around the world:  France, Swiss, Conwell, England, China, Himalaya, India, Canada.

Favourite place in London for working: Richmond Park, where I live.

Favourite places in London for inspiration:  Parks, V&A, Science Museum, Natural History Museum, British Museum, East London—old houses, factories.

Favourite places in London for meeting friends:  Home, Local resturants

Favourite places in London for relaxing:  Walking in parks, river. Watching TV film at home.

Favouirte materials:  Water colour, oil.

Favourite films:  Gladiator. US Hollywood musicals, Australian films, old black and white English films

Favourite books:  Poems— John Keats, T.S. Eliot. Wiliam Wordsworth. Terence Rattigan’s plays— The Importance of Being Ernest.

Peter Evans enjoys painting lovely things and is really bound to the nature for a peaceful mind. All those things he loves to do and see are just a few that come to mind.  To be bound isn’t a constriction. I am pretty sure  about this. I just want to be really close to something I like. Intimately close to delightful things or beautiful people. And to be bound with them. Bonding is tricky. Everyone on earth isn’t perfect. Flaws in our lifes could somehow be hurting . But every bonding is a journey to be with God— or to let God be with you… So, there is nothing to lose. Nothing to be really hurtful. To be free in a bound. I believe God wants us to be bound with one another— to connect.  So just make the most effort in every relationship.  Jsut do your best, though interpersonal matters can be a complex. It’s not about to run away when being stumbled at obstacles. I don’t think I can flee from God anyway. Be meek in a relationship.  A beautiful one is like a graceful garden— people are delighted and want to get in. I think this is God’s will. So I can see a beautiful life isn’t from afar— it can be within every one .   Endeavor…!!!


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