Sand Martin. London Wetland Centre

The sand martin bank.

Inspire me now all these sites on my laptop!! But obviously in vain. I can’t get inspired in front of the computer… so despite the rainy days London has been lately,  I went to the wetland centre in Barns by train and I like trains. ok whatsoever, I came to realise I wasn’t that excited about those water birds. They are huge… and stupid. They seemed bored by their own lives. But they didn’t even care … Why would I know? intuition. or by some quick and brief observation, they were having some narcissistic tendency of …preening their feathery coats. preened and preened again.

I thought I had better home. It was all the time a gloomy afternoon. The wetland centre was merely a wet and muddy place for (mainly retired) people with giantic camera lenses and telescopes to capture those preening birds.

I couldn’t believe all the silly thoughts changed when Febe, a member of staff from the centre, toured me around another route. We spent quite some times in the observatory tower along side the sand martin bank. With the telescope she has lent me, I could see all those tiny birdies. Some were hopping in the mud with its
tenuous feet. Then I spooted the Swallow!!! But they weren’t  ‘swallow’ referring to those official categlories. It’s the Sand Martin!!! They were soooo small. They were flying in an impossibly quick speed.  

I know for this current project namely  ‘GARDEN’, it’s going to be all about the sand martin family!!!

I could tell the sand martin babies must be crying for more food all the time. That’s why sand martin moms and dads were flying in a never ending pattern in and out. All their fatigue after millions flights were to feed and plump the hatchlings.  These loving parents in times of stress and laborious days amazed me.

 [thank you, Febe]


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