my working attitude worries me.

Is it a periodic routine that you’ll come to get bored by the project when it almost comes to the end? Or is it just my habit? And then the less excited I get, I’ll just lose most of the initiative…. so the final outcome is definitely not gona be as perfect as I’ve wished.

I may have ended the last project… but I know I haven’t made the most effort. not very happy with it. In a truly grim state of mind, I trudged through a good lot of my coursemates’ work—and then started to mourned for my own work.Blaming my own for not going for the extra miles…not being serious enough at my work.

So, after a good long reflection throughout the day (it was a depressingly long day and I even have self-depreciated too much to annoyed my friend. ), I know I have to love myself and so my work as well. While admiring my coursemates’ work, it has to be crystal clear that I can’t be any of them. Everyone have got their ways of working. All my thoughts come to make me. I will never be anyone else. I will always be me. If I’m trying to be someone else, I have just wasted the person I am. 


It’s interesting to see everyone’s ambition to create stunning garments. some are of simultaneously playful and structural approach, some are of simple ideas with well executed techniques. fabulous college with fabulous students!!!

Anyway, the second term of first year has finally come to a close as I’m now back at home having some green tea and some Lykke Li’s ….


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