Wrap! Burn! Stitch!

Thess are the samples for stitch. I thought the stitch block would be hard to go through. Since it is very abstract, some people have found it hard to start with. Stitch is about mix media so all the fun you can notch up is to experiment with materials. I’ve got some easy materials to start with…simply working with threads, and polyester……

I have had a lot of sleepless night because of these things…. but when Isabel said she has found my work fantastic, everything became worthwhile. It’s so flattering.!!! (cause tutorial with Isabel can be very stressful…)

A friend of mine said this orang-ish sample is so ‘Easter’ and I was so mad!!! (tho to certain degree she is right, I admit) But you know when pepole said your work is so ‘christmas tree’ , it is not any flattering at all….!!


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