For this pop up 2 project …I actually don’t like small project cause I’ll just don’t have enough time to do things I wanted. But I have had this tutorial with my tutor, Isabel. She was so fierce and asked me ”so what are you looking at?’

I was telling her all my thoughts about this pop up 2 project. I wanted to called this ‘Sicking Architecture’. Basically, I had so much thoughts after holiday in my home town Hong Kong. I could see all the massive changes happening in the city. I wondered why my home was that much about shopping malls and high-rise luxurious apartments. Is it over-developed? It is just about consuming ,wealth and status. We hong Kong people don’t live well as the previous generation. It is flourishing but absolutely not promising at all. It is like a malignant tumor. It is suffocating. So, I’m having this project of ‘ Sicking Architecture’ in which I will look at micro organisms and intense city views of buildings. Then, I started to make some table-size scuptures out off real decaying food which gave some mofit of gems under microscope.

Isabel stopped me and said,’ so , real food that you are looking at.’

Yea…I mean ….ok then yup it is about real food decaying. Isabel actually suggested me being more focus on one aspect. Though I don’t want to be so controlled by her, she is right.

This is a image I saw at the OMA exhibition at Barbican. I just take it as my starting point of the project.

Making the pop up objects and reconding their decay.


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