at the loom…yea i can weave



I thought weaving was very much about patterns, like twill, which limited me a lot. Obviously, weaved patterns are quite restricted. It’s not quite possible to create some round and curvy shapes. That was in the first place. But then I’ve realised many things can be possible at the loom!!!!!

As I’ve realised the weaving outcome is always different from the intruction pictures, I soon decided to create my own patterns. It is actually easy. All I need is a lot of patience and trying out.

**When creating own patterns, there should always be something at the edges of the table squares. If not its just not going to make patterns.



Well actually weaving is very much about yarns as well. The material is crucial as every of them performs differently and may change its quality under heat when steaming. There are polypropyene( shrinks and colour changes under steaming ), paper, plastic ( it obviously melts under heat press), lycra( stretches and shrinks in heat),tape yarn, sythetic yarn, wool( shrinks in hot water) .

I did try to experiment with materials. And so came to know that tranparent plastic is hard to manage in weaving. It is not working for constructing patterns. It just became trasparent in the whole roll. Weaving with fabric pieces does work very well! It makes curves horizontally. I love volume!! So, weaving is just not only about regular patterns though it is repeatative i admit.


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