Power of Making

The V&A has exhibited an eclectic selection of over 100 crafted objects, ranging from Hexapod robots by Matt Denton, Sandra Backlund knitted dress to a Crochetdermy bear.

Six-necked guitar

Sandra Backlund knitted dress


I believe making is an powerful thing. It is about problem solving, communication and refinig our world. But simply you can be so pleased and satisfied by shaping materials to create a new thing! 

Textile, the kind of thing i’m working on all the time at Chelsea College, is absolutely about making things. It is a kind of craft of knowledge, skills, technology, inspiration from everyday life. And most importantly, motivation and imagination. I just found all these displays very inpiring to look at. Definitely have to take them as reference in my school work. They actually combined age old and contemporary techniques to demostrate application of (possibly strange)materials. I’m so encourage by their daring spirit through the display!

“Laboratory-grown tote bag” by Suzanne Lee

This is an amazing thing! I feel like this piece is so delicate but strong as well as it looked like of some leather quality… It is actually made from microbial cellulose. I’ve no idea what microXXXXX is but I can tell it is of some organic materials and through tests and experiments the designer came up with this construction method. Seemed like it involves a lot of decontructing, melting, drying, moulding….

i think Suzanne Lee has demostrated some other cellulose production on her blog.

I have also quite enjoyed looking at those coffins in the exhibition. It just happened to quite some of the artists/designers have come up with the coffin idea. BUt they were all so different.

Paper Coffin by Hazel Selene (designer), Peter and Gar Rock(maker)

Wicked Coffin by P.H. Coate & Son (Somerset, UK)

English Willow Coffins
All the traditional can become new and individual. I really love these types of discovery and innovation!


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