It’s been a while since I’ve come up with a post. This new project is something I’ve been rather confused. After all its just the first project… I’m at a state of exploring and learning from each other. The theme of it is about human faces. Well,…intially i was quite excited about this. Cause Im working on  project. All the research and developing and designing we’ll have to do. And of course with supervising from professional and inspiring tutors, and the whole range of machines and facilities we can use. But then after awhile I’ve found the ”faces” didn’t inspire much enthusiasm
in textile designs. To fix this , I was adding more things in the theme. I’m also looking at clown’s face now. Therein lies a bit irony between real and fake , tragedy and comedy. I do want to work more conceptually

At the moment, my work tends to be more illustrative and figurative. I think I’ll be doing something more abstract and vague in shape. I have to train myself to tackle the simpler stuff. Cause a lot of time less is more. Simple things can be very provocative .


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