Rough Guide theory task – Reading Images and Objects

Hoxton is at the northeast part of London and it is across the Old Street, Shoreditch and Hackney stations. I was living in Old Street last year. So I’m quite familiar with this area. An area which is so vibrant that I didn’t see it quiet at any time of a day( well,… except sunday morning.) I quite like it as a hub for art students or emerging artists. I can see people carrying their portfolio cases, riding on bikes, dressing amusingly inspiring to look at…

And then, there is a Hoxton Square which the White Cube is housed at. Hoxton Square is crammed with people in summer time . Yea… Picnic Time!!! I don’t have a lot picnic experience cause the place i come from has only got skyscrapers and office workers. We rarely see any thing green. so ….I did went to Hyde Park for picnic once …I remember…. But at the Hoxton Square, it was so entirely different!! I didn’t see a lot of people packing sandwiches. I didn’t see kids running around. I did see a lot of young people having beers and chatting. Some were using their Mac. I don’t think i saw any families doing ”picnic”. But at this square surrounded by the White Cube gallery and other authentic bars and cafes… Whatever ;D  just enjoy the rare sunshine and silly alcohol.

Hoxton has long been occupied by young artists as inexpensive living area or working studios. All  the way along to Hackney housed a lot of CSM fashion graduates’ studios like Phoebe English, Christopher Kane. What I want to say is ….so there are full of student interns. We like to work for free—- so sad T.T

Anyway, it is a vibrant arts and entertainment district. We can always have fun at a lot of the bars, nightclubs, restaurants, and art galleries!!!

I’ve been to the White Cube gallery as I’ll need to write an object from a gallery for part of the rough guide.

It is having an exhibition of Gary Hume. I don’t know him before. So I have picked one of his work to research about.

The staff told me they are paints on aluminium. But Gary Hume did a lot of screenprint as well just not for this piece I’ve picked. I like the very distinctive visual language that is bold and simple. It is almost like glass. So, this painting which is a large scale one is about three young girls parallely composited. They looked similar with hair painted in different colours. I think Hume likes to opt for bright, vivid colours. These girl potrayed seemed angry and rebellious but I can feel the innocence within. I just wonder how can he make these paints on aluminium so much as sleek as glass— like porcelain….


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